SilentNav A fleet management solution from Titan Elite, Inc.
SilentNav Specifications
Administrator Details
Administrator Capabilities
  • Monitor real-time video (in-vehicle) without the drivers knowledge
  • Monitor real-time video (in front of vehicle) without the drivers knowledge
  • Collect stored video files from the tablet memory to use for insurance claims, driver incident reports, passenger incident reports, etc.
  • Monitor true location of each vehicle in fleet
  • Send custom push notifications (text messages) to each vehicle tablet
  • Send custom address to each vehicle tablet for the driver to accept (tablet then begins auto-navigation to that address)
  • Label each vehicle with custom label and/or color
  • View entire fleet on real-time map in real location

Administrator Portal Details ( 

  • Number of administrators is unlimited
  • Number of vehicles per administrator is unlimited
  • Can be accessed from any desktop PC
  • Can be accessed from any iPad or iPad workstation (sold separately for mobile administrators)
  • Can be accessed from web browser of any smartphone

Mobile Hardware Details

How it's installed

1. Attach your tablet or phone to the windshield of your vehicle using the suction cup mount (note: hard bolt-down vehicle mounts are available)
2. Plug your 12V Vehicle Charger into any 12V Cigarette Lighter Port and connect the charging cable from the tablet to the 12V DC adapter

Mobile Software Features
  • Your software will come pre-installed on your tablet or phone. No need for software installation.
  • In the event of a device reset, the mobile software will start up automatically and will always be running in the background
What your driver has the ability to do
  • Accept new delivery or pickup address. Driver accepts address notification and SilentNav begins automatically navigating to that address using turn-by-turn voice guided GPS navigation. GPS Navigation is provided by WAZE GPS technology with many features including:
    • Smart screen dimming (to reduce night blindness of backlight screen)
    • Traffic Delay notifications with alternative route suggestions and automatic re-routing which reduce idle vehicle time
    • Law Enforcement notifications which tell the driver that a law enforcement vehicle was spotted on their route
    • Accident, Police Trap, and Road Closure Notifications
    • Gas station fuel cost icons for fuel pricing comparison
  • Accept custom text notifications to view administrator messages. Example: Adminstrator says "Please return back to central station after this delivery" which avoids the need for radio and phone communication. Driver can accept these notifications so that the administrator(s) can acknowledge their acceptance
  • Send custom text notifications to administrator. Example: Driver says "2 passengers picked up"
  • Collect Mobile POS Payments (note this is an optional feature and a merchant account is required)
  • SPECIAL FEATURE FOR CAR/TAXI SERVICE USERS - Using a Red, Amber and Green light system, each vehicle is highlighted on the administrator's map.
    • RED: Vehicle has dropped off passengers and is awaiting new pickup instructions
    • AMBER: On route to pick up (no assets - vehicle is "light")
    • GREEN: On route to drop off (with assets - vehicle is "heavy")

Mobile Computer Details & Specifications

Acceptable Device Types:
  • While you will be provided with appropriate equipment, you can also contact us for pricing on installing SilentNav onto your own tablet or smartphone.
  • SilentNav currently works with any Android or iOS device

What's included in the mobile package:
  • Tablet Computer (brand and model to be determined at time of shipment based on availability)
  • Adjustable Industrial Suction Mount
  • 2 Meter (or larger) USB Charging Cable
  • Dual Port 12V Power Adapter (to allow for charging of tablet and other USB charging device if needed)
  • Pre-installed SilentNav Software License

Tablet specifications:
  • Inward facing camera
  • Outward facing camera
  • True GPS
  • Cellular Data Connectivity
  • WiFi Wireless Internet Connectivity
  • Full Color Touchscreen (typically a full 7" screen or bigger)
  • Optional mobile payment hardware (credit card swipe module, equipped with certain payment gateway selections)
**Note: You will receive a tablet that meets the above specifications. For cost saving purposes, optional devices are available with less features (example: devices without cameras, devices with only 1 camera, devices that operate on WiFi only, etc.)

Tablet Mounting Hardware: Each tablet includes an industrial grade window suction mount with locking suction cup and adjustable arm for convenient positioning of the tablet relative to the driver.

Alternative Tablet Mounting Options: Contact us for details on tactical hard mounts that screw into the dashboard. Pricing is also available on locking tablet mounts if theft is a concern.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

: Will my driver(s) know that they are being monitored and tracked?
: Only if you tell them. Each state has it's own laws governing the use of monitoring technology. Check your local laws.

: Will my driver(s) know about "SilentNav"?
: No. The driver will see "navWave" branded software to covertly disguise the tracking and monitoring software installed on the tablet. Your driver will realize that the tablets provide navigation and communication features at a minimum.

: Do I need any of my own equipment, software, or cellular carrier plan?
: No. We will provide all necessary equipment, log-in credentials and cellular data network access.

: Which cellular carrier network will the tablets use? Can we use a different carrier?
: The devices will likely be used on the Verizon or T-Mobile network unless otherwise requested due to the fact that Verizon and T-Mobile advertises the largest premium 3G and 4G nationwide network coverage. We understand that this coverage may not be available in all areas and we are willing to provide service and compatible equipment with a more favorable carrier (such as AT&T or Sprint) if the service in your area dictates such a change.

: Are there any fees aside from those published on your website or by your dealers?
: No. The only fees that you might pay are those incurred by your payment processor if you elect to use the mobile payment collection feature. 

: How accurate is the location position of my vehicles on the map?
: Assuming that your vehicle(s) has adequate GPS and cellular signal (which should occur 99% of the time - exceptions occur when vehicle enters tunnels or drives through certain metropolitan areas with extremely dense building coverage), location should be accurate to within 2-5 meters. With a momentary loss of GPS signal, location accuracy might vary from several meters to several miles, although this should not happen unless natural phenomenon are occurring.

: How long should the battery last in the event that my driver knocks out the power cord?
: This depends on cellular signal strength, GPS signal strength, LCD backlight brightness level, and whether or not WiFi is turned on. We expect a typical run-time of 3+ hours when running on stand-alone battery. When the battery is low, the tablet will alert the driver with several warning beeps to request that the power cable be plugged back in.

: My drivers need to use the 12V charging port in the vehicle to power their cell phones. Will the tablet charger prevent them from charging other devices?
: No. Each mobile vehicle kit includes a dual-port 12V charger. You should plug the tablet charging cable into one of the ports and the USB cable for the other USB charging device into the other port.

: What happens if the tablet is reset or the battery dies? Will my driver have to turn the software on?
: No. SilentNav is designed to always be running. If the driver exits the program SilentNav will always be running in the background meaning that they can still be tracked and covertly video monitored (the device will still store this video on it's internal memory too). If the device does a reset or is restarted for any reason, SilentNav automatically boots up and runs in the background. As long as the device is turned on SilentNav will always running!
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