SilentNav A fleet management solution from Titan Elite, Inc.
What is SilentNav?

SilentNav is an all-in-one solution that combines several "must have" components to provide a full spectrum package for any fleet management application. SilentNav is composed of four primary components and features: 

   Discrete Live Vehicle Tracking    
                                                                                                                                Discrete Live Video MOnitoring  

Turn-by-turn Vehicle Navigation

                                                                                                                                                                                                                Mobile Payment Collection [optional

What makes it different from other solutions?

    vs.           OTHER BRANDS
Encompasses GPS navigation, Video Monitoring, and Live Vehicle tracking all in one package Typical systems only provides one of those features
No installation of any kind, no vehicle mechanical expertise or technical knowledge needed Significant installation required for most GPS / Cell based vehicle tracking solutions
True GPS Location Tracking Triangulation using cell towers which can provide false location reporting up to miles away
Live "real time" tracking provided with only a few seconds of delay Typically a 10-15 second "lag" delay (it is also common to see 1-10 minute delays on low-end tracking devices) 
Do you prefer to use a different brand of tablet? No problem. You are locked in to the suppliers choice of product regardless of price, reliability, device features, etc.
Do you prefer a specific cellular data carrier? No problem. You must use a specified cellular network provider for the product to function
Access and maintain your system by logging onto industry leading Go Daddy webservers with almost 100% up-time! You might use private web servers with low security and poor downtime ratings that may have insufficient bandwidth to manage your fleet
You will be able to use our system forever! You can use the system that you have purchased as long as the supplier stays in business and continues to collect your service fees
See your upfront costs directly on our website Wait for a salesperson to call or email you back with pricing and hope for a reasonable response time
No vehicle type restrictions. Track and monitor trucks, cars, buses, limousines, tractors, teenage drivers, baby sitters, rental cars, or any vehicle that moves! Restrictions based on vehicle type. Some systems require a specific interface for a GPS logger connection.

The world is a constantly changing environment and the road is naturally filled with countless distractions. 

Try SilentNav today and equip your drivers with a tool that provides automation in a world full of moving parts.

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